Best Wines

Organic & Quality

Best Wines

Organic & Quality

Best Wines

Organic & Quality


100% Organic Certified

No synthetic chemicals in the vineyard, no toxic residue in the wine. Eget suspendisse hac eu id congue leo. In tellus elit est tempus ornare varius aliquam. Ultrices id a viverra.Eget suspendisse hac.


Wine Expert Advice

Free tips for choosing drinks and gifts, personal recommendations. Amet elementum, velit, vitae lorem quisque feugiat mi. Et feugiat ullamcorper tincidunt tellus feugiat ipsum nibh. Justo, eget morbi.


Large selection of wines

The widest catalog of wines and spirits in Italy. Valuable information about drinks. Arcu lacinia quam sodales a enim neque eget. Eget suspendisse hac eu id congue leo.


Caring for Our Clients

We provide after-sales service and are always ready to help. Libero sit amet, felis et eget imperdiet. Nisi, et quisque risus ut pulvinar. Turpis egestas massa fermentum etiam mattis. Tellus mattis et sit.

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Our Wine is Created by the Best Winemakers

It’s a Great Feeling when You Find Something Special that also Happens to be Local

The project started in 1929 with the specific intention of rejecting large numbers and widely accessible prices to encourage limited and niche production, where the only determining factor is true French excellence. The choice of implementing organic cultivation gives more prestige to the product, making it free of chemical residues.

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We Have Visited Almost Every Winery in the World to Become the Best

  • Best Varieties Suspendisse natoque elit in eget orci amet volutpat, est. Integer mauris
  • Fine Wines Tellus felis neque ac pellentesque nulla est quisque dictum cum

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The History

The Timeline Story About Dionis Winery


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Be Fair, Choose Ethical, Eat Delicious

Thanks to the Dionis, the purchase of wine becomes a real pleasure for guests, so those who feel more comfortable and more confident decide to choose it. Finally, thanks to our solutions, customers evaluate the entire visit to the restaurant better!

Vegetable fricassee
With mushrooms, stewed cheese and pumpkin seeds
Fondue "Pectoral"
Blue cheeses of the Roquefort family with Norman butter and nut powder
Mussels & shrimp
With tomatoes stewed in Madeira with floral salt and sheep cheese
Chocolate cake
78% Belgian chocolate, banana, and banana sauce
Petit Bourgeois Sauvignon
France, white, dry, 750 ml
Adimant Blanche
France, white, semi-dry, 750 ml
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Who Makes Fine Wine For You

Dawson Timms

Senior Winemaker

Philip Klein

Company Director

Brian Marsh

Winemaker Junior